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Knowledge Is Power

It was a busy night on the line just like any other night.  I was the wood-fired oven cook making artisan pizzas and getting my hind end (my ass…) handed to me and LOVING IT.  I was in my zone and I loved the accolades I got later on from my chef as we chased away … Continue reading

Adventures In Home Pasta Making

I had a blast tonight…well actually today, and I didn’t think anything fun was going to happen (…so said Ferris to his friend Cameron in Ferris Buehler’s Day Off, but I digress…) today.  I was just going to go for a walk and soak up a little Toledo Winter sunshine and plot out my upcoming week (YAWN…).  … Continue reading

Buy a Whole Chicken & Save A Few Bucks

The concept I am suggesting is not a new revelation by a long shot, but it’s worthy of consideration for several reasons.  First, there is the obvious savings.  Typically, and prices and deals will vary everywhere, you can save at least fifty cents on the dollar per pound…sometimes more…sometimes less.  The next good reason is … Continue reading

Stock 101-If You Love Food, You will Love This!

I began last Sunday around 1:oo A.M.   The flavor profile I was after was simple…  I wanted the mirepoix to gently relax into the simmering broth…low and slow.  I have been schooled on this process many times in the past.  You simply cannot rush excellence.   Prior to this, I had roasted the chicken carcass and … Continue reading

Paleo…The Way To Go!

Just recently, my brother Joel was talking to me about the Paleo diet.  If you have yet to be introduced, I will gladly oblige you via this post… “Paleo” is from Paleolithic referring to our evolutionary ancestral linkage to the “caveman” for lack of a more lofty-brow term (there’s a pun in there somewhere….).  The back-bone … Continue reading

Layin’ Down Some Dough At Home

Bread. It can easily be stated and agreed that bread is at the very cradle of our existence.  No matter how different the end result can be, the very same components are always present in bread for thousands of years gone by.  Every culture has a version of bread.  I would go so far as to … Continue reading

The Restaurant Business Part 2- It’s A Business

Here we are nearly the middle of February…typically the “slow time” for many restaurants.  Of course, Valentine’s day is right around the corner and that usually provides a nice payday for some eateries, but things will be tight for many until Spring and Summer arrive.  Having worked in this industry for almost twenty years now, … Continue reading

Hollandaise Sauce Just Got A Makeover

I have been an appreciator of all things pork from the moment that Gerber bacon and potato puree crossed my chubby baby cheeks. (yes, I do remember they still make it? Get back to me on that if you know…I think I can work something like that into my ingredient inventory…maybe a martini is in the works?, but … Continue reading

Setbacks Happen

Having recently, in the last five years added to my repertoire baking and pastries, I have become quite proficient in professional kitchens with making bread.  So today just for kicks and with the thought in mind of making adjustments from industrial equipment to residential for the benefit of showing future classes this lesson, I set out to make … Continue reading

All About Orange

  So I’m on a new kick these days…Orange.  I’ve always been a fan of Grand Marnier not only as a delicious apperteif, but also for use in reductions and sauce applications.  Citrus is quite versatile for both savory and sweet recipes and I have recently turned my attention to orange.  So just last weekend, … Continue reading