Hollandaise Sauce Just Got A Makeover

I have been an appreciator of all things pork from the moment that Gerber bacon and potato puree crossed my chubby baby cheeks. (yes, I do remember that..do they still make it? Get back to me on that if you know…I think I can work something like that into my ingredient inventory…maybe a martini is in the works?, but I digress…)  If you know me personally or have waded through my thousands of Facebook posts, you know that bacon grease is something very dear to my culinary heart.  Tonight, I crossed another bridge by making hollandaise with bacon fat in place of the clarified butter that it would normally require.  How cool is that? …Bacon and eggs!  Well, it’s fantastic…I don’t mind sayin’ so myself!  Also, I was out of lemons, so since I have the result of all the oranges from the other day, I used fresh squeezed OJ for the acid component in the sauce.  I don’t know if Auguste Escoffier would slap the silly out of me or kiss me on the lips if he saw my variation of one the most cherished of the five Mother sauces. (I think it would be a full-on kiss, but not in a “gay” way…)

So here is the break down…If you have made a hollandaise before then you have a great frame of reference. If you haven’t and this will be your first attempt, try it with clarified butter until you nail it, otherwise you will just waste the bacon fat if you break the sauce.

Yolks of five eggs

Juice of one lemon (or orange…it’s really good, changes the dynamic a little bit)

Salt & pepper to taste

Tabasco to taste

3/4 to 1 cup of warm/liquid bacon fat


Start the yolks in a metal bowl with all ingredients except the bacon fat over a pot of simmering water. Hold the edge of the bowl, to keep it steady, with a kitchen towel because it will get hot, and whisk the mixture constantly until it begins to froth and thicken. This is one crucial part of making this classic sauce. If you stop whisking or let it sit for a second, you will make scrambled eggs instead of a sauce. Once it has reached a consistency of whipped cream, pull off the steam and as you drizzle in the liquid bacon fat be constantly whisking to emulsify the mixture. This is another crucial point in bring this sauce together…adding the fat too quickly is the most common mistake and will cause the sauce to “break” or separate. Take your time and do it right and you’ll impress your friends and family with this decadent and wonderful sauce that can accommodate virtually anything from steak, to fish and seafood, or just roll around in it when nobody’s home!

(…Sorry, no picture is available nor would it be appropriate for that prior suggestion for this post.)

I prepared some beautiful asparagus wrapped in bacon for my vehicle to carry this Epicurean variation of a timeless and much-loved classic over some nice toast points I made from the French bread I baked earlier this morning (See the post just prior to this one and also the one about oranges…)


Oh yeah….here’s my plate 3:33:01 (time elapsed):

    I sopped my plate up with the French bread I made earlier, early this morning. Oh so good!

Private classes are available right now for groups or one-on-one…leave me a comment and contact info.


One Response to “Hollandaise Sauce Just Got A Makeover”
  1. Sandy Pfahlert says:

    Looks fantastic…….love aparagus (sans the bacon)….you keep strange hours…do you ever sleep???? Aunt Sandy

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