Paleo…The Way To Go!

Just recently, my brother Joel was talking to me about the Paleo diet.  If you have yet to be introduced, I will gladly oblige you via this post…

“Paleo” is from Paleolithic referring to our evolutionary ancestral linkage to the “caveman” for lack of a more lofty-brow term (there’s a pun in there somewhere….).  The back-bone of the diet is based on what and how “we” ate thousands of years ago.  By the way, this is not a forum for evolution vs. creation, but rather an exploration of a trending approach in how we accommodate our very basic need…eating.

The fundamental thought, from my understanding, is that as humans we have “devolved” in the way that we acquire food and make sustenance for ourselves.  Like the atom-bomb, the microwave oven has hurt us much more than helped us in the way that we look at quick and easy “food” sources.  Hot Pockets, for example…microwavable, tasty, come home drunk from the bar food, but is it good for us?  Are we consuming food like this on a regular basis because it’s “easy”? Because it’s “tasty”?  Because we close down our favorite bar four nights a week and are deficient in basic cooking skills?  Unfortunately, the world we live in is continuing to smother our very basic need for quality food.  As a chef and professional appreciator of eatables, I see this as a social and moral plague on our very existence.

So where do we start you may ask?  Answer that by observing what occurs naturally as food sources.  Yes, that most certainly includes animals!  Nuts, berries, fish, vegetables…virtually ready-to-eat.  That being said, apply some technique and method to preparing these ingredients that will place it nicely before you and your dinner audience (…or breakfast and lunch and “in-between”…) and there you go!  Really, this is not a new revolution, but rather getting back to basics in a way that most of us will surely find appealing and easy to replicate.  There are some ingredients on the “no” list…grains, corn, basically carbs are not welcome to this Paleolithic party.  Processed sugars, and caffeine and alcohol are consumed in very small amounts if even at all.  You will need little but your own instinct, a good knife, and ME!,  to help you along in exploring this culinary walk down memory lane.

By way of singing the praises of the Paleo diet, I have read of the benefits such as: “…increased mental focus, weight-loss (bad fat= GONE), increased energy, increased sex drive, muscle elasticity/strength (better hydration…), and a positive mental attitude.  This is not rocket science.  I’m stuck on calling this common sense and I will, with the assistance of my pro-Paleo readers, combine my skills and talents as a seasoned chef, bring to my readers delicious avenues to help feed & propagate our species!

Stay tuned for recipes!


4 Responses to “Paleo…The Way To Go!”
  1. Kathy says:

    The Paleo lifestyle is the only way for the human body to act like the human body should. I have been Paleo for almost 7 months now, will be 50 in a month and have not felt this healthy in a good 25 years. I am more in tune with my body and more in focus with life around me, especially with my art.

    • jrobertbrown says:

      Wow! That’s great to hear, Kathy. I’m really excited to have learned about the Paleo approach. It seems very balanced to me and I’m looking forward to introducing this to my fellow chefs in the industry and to my clients.

  2. Scott Butler says:

    I have not explored this at all, so keep that in mind; however, has anyone looked at the average life span of paleolithic man and contemplated the possibilities of the diet on that lifestyle? I am huge fan of meat and vegetables, but most certified dieticians do not recommend completely cutting out carbs in the form of grains and legumes as prescribed in a 100% Paleo diet.

    • jrobertbrown says:

      Interesting point about the life-span of the Paleolithic man.I personally like to maintain more of a blance. I think Paleo is a smart direction to explore…but I like chocolate cake too… If we stick close to that food triangle that we remember from Kindergarten showing a healthy diet, I think that is a safe bet. Oh!…plently of excercise and don’t forget to set your clock back! I do enjoy legumes and I love potatoes, but in small amounts.

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