Stock 101-If You Love Food, You will Love This!

I began last Sunday around 1:oo A.M.   The flavor profile I was after was simple…  I wanted the mirepoix to gently relax into the simmering broth…low and slow.  I have been schooled on this process many times in the past.  You simply cannot rush excellence.   Prior to this, I had roasted the chicken carcass and the rough-chopped mirepoix to create a robust base.  Sundays are usually VERY boring, so this method was particularly exciting in approach.  Ok…enough of the crazy talk…I made a great roasted chicken stock…it has been simmering on a low flame for 48 hours by the time this post is up. Three gallons down to two quarts.  It is a very pretty demiglace.  I will freeze it…save it for some long deserving guest.  Tomorrow I will make a nice sauce with it and post the recipe and open this for discussion.


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