Adventures In Home Pasta Making

I had a blast tonight…well actually today, and I didn’t think anything fun was going to happen (…so said Ferris to his friend Cameron in Ferris Buehler’s Day Off, but I digress…) today.  I was just going to go for a walk and soak up a little Toledo Winter sunshine and plot out my upcoming week (YAWN…).  I started out this morning with a bacon-fueled breakfast and my famous “cowboy coffee” and something just kicked in as I was sitting in the kitchen of the Old West End mansion I live in…”Psst!”, whispered a voice in my ear.  “If you make it, you will get inspired…”  That’s what I needed…some inspiration!  My mind shifted gears and as I sat in the middle of the kitchen at the high-top table on a bar stool finishing my delicious bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, I began to do an inventory…”I have eggs…I have flour…I have a sweet pasta machine…I will make fresh pasta today!”  I jumped up and threw a dough together…five eggs to one pound of flour (unsifted about three cups…).  Not missing a beat, I threw the ingredients plus a bit of good olive oil and salt and sprinkled water to keep it loose in a metal mixing bowl and mixed by hand.  Eight minutes later, the dough was wrapped in plastic and set to rest while I went out for a walk.

I went to the Art Museum and aimlessly walked around,watched a glass blowing demo, and ended up back home two hours later….there was the dough, waiting for me, well rested and ready to play….so I took a nap.  Seriously, I just lost my steam, and thought I was a seventy-three year old man with health problems.  Two hours later, I sprung up from a crazy dream and renewed my vows with that pasta dough I made earlier this morning.  It was all up hill from there.  I lost myself in some jams and breaking down that dough into tender and delicious fresh pasta.  I made angel hair and fettuccine, and with the scraps, I made some farfelle (bow ties).  I spent all night just having fun with it, reminding my hands how much they have missed one of my favorite things to do.  By 11:00 p.m., I finally got to a point to put a sauce together.  Shallots and garlic sautéed in bacon fat, chiffonade of cooked bacon, a healthy splash of the wonderful roasted chicken demiglace I had made earlier, and finished the sauce with pureed tomatoes.  By midnight, I was reaping my reward and I was charged up, ready to re-focus on my agenda for the week with a fresh attitude.  It’s amazing how therapeutic food can be.  Anyways, here’s a few pics of my night’s activity…






I had fun with it.  Funny….that’s something one chef I worked for once told me when I was an uptight line cook…he said: “Brown, just have fun with it.”  At the end of the day, I think that’s easily some of the best advice I’ve ever been given…brings me back to my “center”.  I’m looking forward to getting my video log up and going and I will re-do this pasta adventure.  If you have wanted to make your own fresh pasta at home, but thought it might be too much of a project or maybe you won’t be happy with your effort, hit me up.  I’d love to help!


4 Responses to “Adventures In Home Pasta Making”
  1. Jeff says:

    You photographic skills have improved finally.

  2. Jeff says:

    A suggestion:

    For your video log, you might want to search the cinema studies majors for some majors willing to work with you on your video log. Perhaps you could do a barter, teaching some cooking skills in return for video work.

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